Hebron in the West Bank

It was amazing to spend the morning in the Palestinian part of Hebron and the afternoon with Jewish ‘settlers’ and hear such a balanced insight into life in Hebron, the city of Abraham, and the site of the burial place of the Biblical Patriarchs and Matriarchs. … More Hebron in the West Bank


Pachamama Brunch

I try to meet up with the lovely girls from London Bloggers Supper Club once a month and after missing seeing them at The Selkirk opening in Tooting Broadway, I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to gossip and take an unholy number of photos of my food with them again.  Connie suggested Pachamama for … More Pachamama Brunch


I’m sure that Homeslice really doesn’t need another positive review but hey, let’s give them one anyway!  This was the second time I had tried to go here as the first time we were told there would be a 3 hour wait as it’s so popular!  They don’t take bookings so make sure you get … More Homeslice

Big Easy

I’ve been slaving away at my dissertation recently and have decided to reward myself with a naughty little blog post.  My mum popped down to London for a conference and managed to squeeze me in to her hectic schedule for carbs and seafood, my absolute favourite!  We headed on over to Big Easy in Covent … More Big Easy